About Our Company

AshiraWorld is a limited liability company registered in Nigeria with a registration No: RC 1470673. The company lines of business are: Real Estate development; Agriculture; Petroleum marketing; Processing and Manufacturing of products; Import and Export; Manufacturers’ Representative; Graphic Designs; Printing and Publication; Media and Online Advertising; Web/Software Development; Security; Solar Energy Installation; Repairs and Maintenance of ATM; Entrepreneur and lot more.



Our Vision:

To be a leading company in the transformation of lives.

Our Mission:

To be a leading company in the transformation of lives by:

  • Taking the leading role in the delivery of world-class goods and services to our customers around the world.
  • Ensuring that our customers’ satisfaction is our topmost priority.
  • Making sure that the unskilled and jobless masses are trained and empowered to be self-employed through our Entrepreneurial Programs.
  • Making loans and grants accessible through our Welfare Fund to all the graduates of our entrepreneurial training programs for the establishment of their own business.